There are presently two terriers available for adoption! Site last updated 12/08/11



Nora (who now lives in North Carolina, and enjoys lure coursing at terrier trials)


Ginsburg (RIP buddy. You were dearly loved by your family and rescuer)

Donations of crates, leashes, collars, toys, (in decent, not necessarily "new" condition) and food, etc., are sincerely appreciated!!

Sam (who now lives on Nantucket Island, chasing seagulls on the beach)

Toby (who now lives in Blue Hill, Maine)




If you're interested in a Jack Russell, please study the JRTCA website! Click on the club logo above to visit the site.

If you're having trouble with or have any concerns about your Jack Russell Terrier, you're not alone! Please be sure to visit the "Forum" on the JRTCA Website and check out the FAQ section.


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